Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Adventures for Steve & Glenda...

Recently, we flew from our home base in South Africa, to Tanzania to view the water needs of that country. As we drove through Tanzania with our hosts, Ron & Gloria Hanson, our hearts were gripped by the images of people trying to find water. Women were carrying incredibly heavy & unstable buckets of water on their heads, ...while others were transporting water on their bikes.

Children were collecting muddy water from the side of the road after a brief but welcomed rain, with the intention of selling it back at their village.

At one dried out river bed we saw school children digging for water. They were on their way to a village school & had stopped to collect a bucket of water to take to school to drink. Glenda being curious, got out of the car to view the situation up close & helped them fill the bucket.

Having witnessed these images, we are getting a clearer perspective of the huge water needs in Africa & how the AFRICA OASIS PROJECT can make a meaningful difference in people's lives right where they live. The people we saw need safe drinking water. AFRICA OASIS is digging wells & providing rain water catchment & filtration systems. Your prayerful partnership will enable us in these wonderful opportunities to make a difference in the lives of Africa's hurting people.