Sunday, October 22, 2006

As we TRAVEL in AFRICA......we hear the same story, over and over...

Imagine waking up in the morning & brushing your teeth in water from a polluted cistern. Imagine drinking this dirty water because you are thirsty & desperate. Imagine a child dying of diseases found in water from a dirty cistern...

As we travel in Africa, we hear the same story over and over in the villages that we visit... there is no water or only contaminated water... the women walk many hours to get a bucket of water... the children are very sick with life-threatening diseases... these villages need wells & clean water solutions.

Glenda took this picture of a dirty cistern in a village. It was the drinking water for the pastor and his family, who live beside the church, in a mud house. We only found the pastor's three young children at home. They said their parents had been gone all day looking for water & food.

Standing beside the church and viewing the dirty cistern, the realities of Africa tugged on our hearts. This village had a church and a trained pastor to tell them about Jesus who gives "Living Water". But still they struggle everyday, walking many hours to get clean water to drink.

We live and minister in Africa. Our desire is to continue to help these villages, find Jesus and also find clean water. As funds come in, wells are being drilled in the villages & we give the Lord Jesus all the praise. We deeply value your prayers & your partnership offerings for the Africa Oasis Project.