Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wheelbarrows Full of Water for Christmas in Lesotho

At Christmas time, people around the world have Christmas wish lists. In the African village of Sekamaneng, high up in the Lesotho mountains, the local church asked for a well. The people live in mud huts, have no running water and wear blankets in winter because of the snow.

The church wanted to bring clean water to their people & grow a vegetable garden so they could feed the orphaned children who live in child-led households that surround the church property. Donors generously gave & the well was drilled. Missionaries Alan & Pat Pettenger hauled water storage tanks to the village & arranged for the drilling of the well.

During this Christmas season we traveled up the mountain roads of Lesotho to view the finished project. We found a grateful pastor, not in his church suit & tie, but in blue overalls. Pastor Sefuthi was watering the vegetable garden behind the new well & greeting the villagers as they came to get water on the church property. He proudly showed the well, pump & green storage tanks to Steve. We also had the joy of hugging the kids & hearing what a blessing the clean water & vegetables were to them.This is exactly what Africa Oasis Project's core values aim to do. AOP drills wells in needy villages & for vulnerable orphaned children. AOP likes to drill on/near church properties, so that people are directed to the church & a Bible trained pastor, who can tell them about JESUS the Living Water, as well as giving them clean, running water.
As we drove away from this village we saw many people with wheelbarrows full of water containers, leaving the church property. While many in the world are getting new jewelry or the latest electronic games for Christmas, the people of Sekamaneng in Lesotho are receiving something far more valuable to them. They are getting WATER for CHRISTMAS & they are taking it home in wheelbarrows!

Thank you for your offerings to Africa Oasis Project that help bring water to Africa, especially during this Christmas Season.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Buckets, Barrels & Bibles

...Water Challenges at Africa's Bible Schools

Madagascar -- Manny Prabhudas reports that their 10 year old Bible School has had no running water. All water is hauled in buckets & barrels by the 80+ students. Funds are still needed for this worthy project. Would you like to be an answer to the students prayers, so that they will not have to drink polluted water & have much more quality time for their studies?

Equatorial Guinea -- Carrol Deal is trying to build and make blocks for the Malabo Bible School by trucking in all the water in plastic tanks. The water is then channeled through PVC pipes to rusty barrels. Many hours of his day is consumed by dealing with these water issues. Funds to complete this project are still urgently needed.

Benin -- At the Dassa-Zoume Bible School in Benin, there are 92 students, 42 are new students. Big blue tanks have been installed by each building, with water trucked in & placed in the tanks for the students to use. However, in the dry season, they still go for days without water. Sometimes this becomes a crisis, when the students have to go through the neighborhood asking for a glass of water. These students know what it is like to be thristy & are praying for the funds to drill a deep well.

Togo -- A new Bible School campus is being built in Togo, 7 hours from Lome, near the Burkina Faso border. Recently, Steve & Glenda traveled there with West Africa Area Director, Tandy Tarr, to view the progress & see the need for water. Classes cannot start in 2008 until there is a water source on the property. Steve & Randy prayed over the campus with General Superintendent Mitre & the local church leaders of the Togo Assemblies, that funds would soon be available to drill a well on the campus.

The local churches are helping to build this northern Bible School. The young men are laying the blocks & the young girls are bringing in the sand for the foundations. It is not coming by truckloads, but the girls are carrying the sand, above their heads, in the same containers used for carrying water. We saw the sweat pouring off their faces as they kept going to dig up more sand and carry it back on their heads. Glenda was deeply touched by the commitment of these girls. Her silent prayer that day was, "Lord, You see the hard work of these young girls. Please make it possible for them to become students at this Bible School & future pastors' wives. May they someday be trained to carry the Good News of Jesus to their villages."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Water Just Under Their Feet

The Africa Oasis Project (AOP) has a new theme that was launched at the recent Assembiles of God General Council 2007:
...The Answer to Africa's Water Crisis Lies Just Beneath Their Feet...
As promotional material was being printed with the new Africa Oasis Project theme, a BBC news article grabbed our attention. "Water Find May End Darfur War" was the headline news on July 18, 2007. The article described a huge underground lake that had been found in the arid Darfur region. Your offerings & prayers are helping AOP find the water in Africa that is just beneath their feet!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Buckets & Water Bottles

Many Americans can't be without their water bottles & cell phones. They take them everywhere... in their cars, to the office, to church... & the list goes on! They use them more than 6 times an hour & they wear them hooked to their belts.
Recently, we journeyed with pastors down a dusty African road, to be shown the water needs in their villages. Glenda took many pictures of people on the road. Reviewing the pictures later, these women with their heavy bucket of water captured our attention. In the foreground of this picture, was also our water bottle, waiting to be enjoyed in the comfort of our air conditioned vehicle.
The reality of this stark contrast further motivates us to continue to bring clean water closer to those who walk so far, on hot dusty roads, burdened with heavy buckets of water.

What Makes the AFRICA OASIS PROJECT so Unique?

You will find us...
  • Traveling with Pastors to needy villages in Africa
  • Listening to the needs expressed for clean water
  • Preaching that Jesus is the Living Water
  • Providing clean water for thirsty people

We use donor funds carefully...

  • The National Church in every village is enabled to be the keeper of the well
  • Missionaries already supported by USA churches, network with the Africa Oasis Project to help bring water solutions throughout Africa
  • AOP does not have a big office with a huge PR budget. We work from offices in our homes or in our vehicles as we drive down dusty African roads

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Glenda Drinks Contaminated Water in Zimbabwe!!!

Recently, Glenda drove a car of pastor's wives to Zimbabwe, to minister at a women's conference.

Beside the tent, was a cistern, (sometimes covered with a tarp), where water was stored for over 300 women for 4 days. The cistern also became a handy place for people to sit & visit.

Glenda and her team took food for the conference. The kitchen was next to the cistern. Inflation rates in Zimbabwe are the highest in the world, at over 2,000%, so bread, rice, tea and powdered milk were a great treat for the ladies. Many hadn't had bread in over a year!

Enough fuel was brought along into Zimbabwe for Glenda to return across the border into South Africa. Pastors helped to refill the tank. However, most of the women attending the conference came by donkey cart. They also brought their water containers by donkey cart and filled up the cistern.

On the 3rd day, Glenda's bottled water supply ran low, so she asked for a cola. There were none, so being the tough Missionary Kid she thought she was, she made an unwise decision to drink from the cistern. It was salty & murky. Glenda had 4 very unpleasant days, after the trip, feeling quite sick! She now understands first hand why people drink dirty water... they are thirsty and there is nothing else to drink!

We are continuing to raise money to drill wells in Zimbabwe & plan to be returning soon to see the drilling rig in action. As funds come in to Africa Oasis Project, we will keep drilling in Zimbabwe & throughout Africa. Please do write us, if you want to help.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A View From A Village Church Door

Some people drive 4x4 vehicles, so they can feel a bumpy road and enjoy an extreme adventure. We travel rough bumpy roads to find villages that desperately need running water.

Last year we traveled to the village of Mwanabaya in Tanzania, with Ron and Gloria Hanson. There were mostly bicycles on the road, carrying containers of water for the village. The people told us that if they don't have a bicycle, then they walk 8 hours a day, in the dry season, to fetch water that is still so contaminated, that they have to boil it, before they can drink it.
We talked to the pastor and the elders of the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church in the Mwanabaya village. They told us their mud-walled church was the only church in the Muslim village of 2,000 people. A much needed well would be a great witness to the Muslim community. While we could make no promises, we prayed with the pastor, asking God for a miracle of funds to come in, to provide the well for the village.

PRAISE JESUS, the funds have come in, the well has been drilled and a pump has been installed. This well is now the talk of the entire village. In Mwanabaya, people are discovering that Jesus cares about their physical and spiritual needs. Dozens of buckets from all over the village, are lined up everyday, to get the water.

Recently, Ron reported to us, "I visited the well and drank the water. It is beautiful, sweet and clear water and the pump is easy for the women and children to use".

It is the desire of the Africa Oasis Project to drill wells, as close as possible to churches, so that people can come for running and Living water. The well in the village of Mwanabaya can be seen from the church door.
Everyday the pastor watches the village people bring their buckets to get water - Running & Living Water is Flowing from this church!