Monday, March 05, 2007

A View From A Village Church Door

Some people drive 4x4 vehicles, so they can feel a bumpy road and enjoy an extreme adventure. We travel rough bumpy roads to find villages that desperately need running water.

Last year we traveled to the village of Mwanabaya in Tanzania, with Ron and Gloria Hanson. There were mostly bicycles on the road, carrying containers of water for the village. The people told us that if they don't have a bicycle, then they walk 8 hours a day, in the dry season, to fetch water that is still so contaminated, that they have to boil it, before they can drink it.
We talked to the pastor and the elders of the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church in the Mwanabaya village. They told us their mud-walled church was the only church in the Muslim village of 2,000 people. A much needed well would be a great witness to the Muslim community. While we could make no promises, we prayed with the pastor, asking God for a miracle of funds to come in, to provide the well for the village.

PRAISE JESUS, the funds have come in, the well has been drilled and a pump has been installed. This well is now the talk of the entire village. In Mwanabaya, people are discovering that Jesus cares about their physical and spiritual needs. Dozens of buckets from all over the village, are lined up everyday, to get the water.

Recently, Ron reported to us, "I visited the well and drank the water. It is beautiful, sweet and clear water and the pump is easy for the women and children to use".

It is the desire of the Africa Oasis Project to drill wells, as close as possible to churches, so that people can come for running and Living water. The well in the village of Mwanabaya can be seen from the church door.
Everyday the pastor watches the village people bring their buckets to get water - Running & Living Water is Flowing from this church!