Saturday, May 26, 2007

Glenda Drinks Contaminated Water in Zimbabwe!!!

Recently, Glenda drove a car of pastor's wives to Zimbabwe, to minister at a women's conference.

Beside the tent, was a cistern, (sometimes covered with a tarp), where water was stored for over 300 women for 4 days. The cistern also became a handy place for people to sit & visit.

Glenda and her team took food for the conference. The kitchen was next to the cistern. Inflation rates in Zimbabwe are the highest in the world, at over 2,000%, so bread, rice, tea and powdered milk were a great treat for the ladies. Many hadn't had bread in over a year!

Enough fuel was brought along into Zimbabwe for Glenda to return across the border into South Africa. Pastors helped to refill the tank. However, most of the women attending the conference came by donkey cart. They also brought their water containers by donkey cart and filled up the cistern.

On the 3rd day, Glenda's bottled water supply ran low, so she asked for a cola. There were none, so being the tough Missionary Kid she thought she was, she made an unwise decision to drink from the cistern. It was salty & murky. Glenda had 4 very unpleasant days, after the trip, feeling quite sick! She now understands first hand why people drink dirty water... they are thirsty and there is nothing else to drink!

We are continuing to raise money to drill wells in Zimbabwe & plan to be returning soon to see the drilling rig in action. As funds come in to Africa Oasis Project, we will keep drilling in Zimbabwe & throughout Africa. Please do write us, if you want to help.