Saturday, July 21, 2007

Buckets & Water Bottles

Many Americans can't be without their water bottles & cell phones. They take them everywhere... in their cars, to the office, to church... & the list goes on! They use them more than 6 times an hour & they wear them hooked to their belts.
Recently, we journeyed with pastors down a dusty African road, to be shown the water needs in their villages. Glenda took many pictures of people on the road. Reviewing the pictures later, these women with their heavy bucket of water captured our attention. In the foreground of this picture, was also our water bottle, waiting to be enjoyed in the comfort of our air conditioned vehicle.
The reality of this stark contrast further motivates us to continue to bring clean water closer to those who walk so far, on hot dusty roads, burdened with heavy buckets of water.