Sunday, October 28, 2007

Buckets, Barrels & Bibles

...Water Challenges at Africa's Bible Schools

Madagascar -- Manny Prabhudas reports that their 10 year old Bible School has had no running water. All water is hauled in buckets & barrels by the 80+ students. Funds are still needed for this worthy project. Would you like to be an answer to the students prayers, so that they will not have to drink polluted water & have much more quality time for their studies?

Equatorial Guinea -- Carrol Deal is trying to build and make blocks for the Malabo Bible School by trucking in all the water in plastic tanks. The water is then channeled through PVC pipes to rusty barrels. Many hours of his day is consumed by dealing with these water issues. Funds to complete this project are still urgently needed.

Benin -- At the Dassa-Zoume Bible School in Benin, there are 92 students, 42 are new students. Big blue tanks have been installed by each building, with water trucked in & placed in the tanks for the students to use. However, in the dry season, they still go for days without water. Sometimes this becomes a crisis, when the students have to go through the neighborhood asking for a glass of water. These students know what it is like to be thristy & are praying for the funds to drill a deep well.

Togo -- A new Bible School campus is being built in Togo, 7 hours from Lome, near the Burkina Faso border. Recently, Steve & Glenda traveled there with West Africa Area Director, Tandy Tarr, to view the progress & see the need for water. Classes cannot start in 2008 until there is a water source on the property. Steve & Randy prayed over the campus with General Superintendent Mitre & the local church leaders of the Togo Assemblies, that funds would soon be available to drill a well on the campus.

The local churches are helping to build this northern Bible School. The young men are laying the blocks & the young girls are bringing in the sand for the foundations. It is not coming by truckloads, but the girls are carrying the sand, above their heads, in the same containers used for carrying water. We saw the sweat pouring off their faces as they kept going to dig up more sand and carry it back on their heads. Glenda was deeply touched by the commitment of these girls. Her silent prayer that day was, "Lord, You see the hard work of these young girls. Please make it possible for them to become students at this Bible School & future pastors' wives. May they someday be trained to carry the Good News of Jesus to their villages."