Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wheelbarrows Full of Water for Christmas in Lesotho

At Christmas time, people around the world have Christmas wish lists. In the African village of Sekamaneng, high up in the Lesotho mountains, the local church asked for a well. The people live in mud huts, have no running water and wear blankets in winter because of the snow.

The church wanted to bring clean water to their people & grow a vegetable garden so they could feed the orphaned children who live in child-led households that surround the church property. Donors generously gave & the well was drilled. Missionaries Alan & Pat Pettenger hauled water storage tanks to the village & arranged for the drilling of the well.

During this Christmas season we traveled up the mountain roads of Lesotho to view the finished project. We found a grateful pastor, not in his church suit & tie, but in blue overalls. Pastor Sefuthi was watering the vegetable garden behind the new well & greeting the villagers as they came to get water on the church property. He proudly showed the well, pump & green storage tanks to Steve. We also had the joy of hugging the kids & hearing what a blessing the clean water & vegetables were to them.This is exactly what Africa Oasis Project's core values aim to do. AOP drills wells in needy villages & for vulnerable orphaned children. AOP likes to drill on/near church properties, so that people are directed to the church & a Bible trained pastor, who can tell them about JESUS the Living Water, as well as giving them clean, running water.
As we drove away from this village we saw many people with wheelbarrows full of water containers, leaving the church property. While many in the world are getting new jewelry or the latest electronic games for Christmas, the people of Sekamaneng in Lesotho are receiving something far more valuable to them. They are getting WATER for CHRISTMAS & they are taking it home in wheelbarrows!

Thank you for your offerings to Africa Oasis Project that help bring water to Africa, especially during this Christmas Season.