Saturday, June 07, 2008

Plenty of Water at Zimbabwe Wedding!

It took us 11 long hours to get to the wedding in Zimbabwe, of Pastor Choice Nyathi, the District Supt. of many village churches. Included in the journey was a border crossing. Hundreds of people were bringing desperately needed food, fuel & water containers to family members. Their vehicles were over-packed. We were also in the crowd bringing supplies & food for the wedding.

The final 30 miles to the village of Tshoboyi, took 2 hours on rough & rocky roads, congested with donkey carts & women carrying water buckets. We knew we had arrived when we saw the ash-painted stones, leading us to the homestead of the groom. On the 2nd day of the wedding celebrations, Pastor Choice was bringing his bride home to his village.

The Africa Oasis Project has been drilling wells in the villages of Zimbabwe. Three months earlier, water came gushing out of the dry, dusty ground of Tshoboyi. This was just in time for Pastor Choice’s wedding.

Earlier, Steve & Zimbabwe missionary Jim Strysko, along with the local pastors, dedicated the well to the Lord. Now it was time to enjoy the water at the wedding celebration!

WATER was everywhere. It was being carried from the well to various places in the village. People were drinking freely from 50 gallon drums and colorful containers.

Steve preached out of the Song of Soloman, a salvation wedding message, "Two are Better than One" & how with Jesus this "3-fold cord" will strengthen any marriage into which He's invited. The bride & groom arrived smiling as crowds of people clapped & yodeled. Glenda was eager to join the enthusiastic dancing of the women.

Rice, beans & little meat was served at the wedding feast. The wedding party & honored guests also enjoyed the orange concentrate mixed with the well water, until the juice was finished.

The rest of the people were satisfied with just the water... there was plenty & they could drink as much as they wanted. YES, the water from the well at the wedding in Zimbabwe didn’t run out!!