Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buddy Buckets & Children in the USA Provide Water In Africa

Can kids in the USA really make a difference in Africa? Can they do something, so that kids in Africa have clean water to drink? According to David & Mary Boyd, directors for BGMC, kids in the USA can help by raising funds for wells & they are doing it with lots of enthusiasm!

BGMC stands for “Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge”. It is the missions emphasis for children in the Assemblies of God. BGMC teaches kids at an early age to be generous about giving to needs around the world. You can learn more about BGMC at

Earlier this year we sat with David & Mary, discussing the huge need for water in Africa. They shared with us that BGMC wanted to help by raising funds for wells in Africa & also give buckets wherever a well is drilled. Then came the idea to create the character “Buddy Bucket” & to make smiling stickers to go on the buckets. The next time we saw the Boyds, they introduced us to the happy character of Buddy Bucket. We started dreaming of 1,ooo's of water buckets being given to people in Africa.

Buddy Bucket stickers are now coming to Africa. The first well raised by BGMC is being drilled in Togo at the SADA Bible School. The old well on the campus is shallow & has only polluted water. It is also an open well, making it extremely dangerous for the married student’s kids who run the risk of falling into it. Because of the funds from the Boys & Girls in the USA, these kids will now be safer as they play & they will be drinking safe, clean water.

As we travel in Africa, we take the Buddy Bucket stickers with us. Recently in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Christi Strysko helped us put stickers on the buckets. She is the daughter of Missionaries, Jim & Brenda Strysko. After many challenges in this desperate country, we are seeing wells drilled. Plans are now being made to dedicate these wells & give out the Buddy Buckets as an extra blessing to the people. Thank you to the boys & girls in the USA. You are definitely making a difference in Africa!