Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The children came & watched all day.
Steve paused under the shade of his STL Vehicle & Glenda sat on a blanket.
We were in the tribal area of Venda, South Africa, drilling a well, constructing a church & caring for widows & orphans at the HIV/AIDS Home-Based Care Centers. Earlier, Wayne & Delight Peercy invited us to Venda, to hear the request from Pastor Jeremiah Mathelemusa. We knew Pastor Jeremiah very well. We had helped him build a church, 9 years ago, with our son, Todd. Since then, Pastor Jeremiah had started 5 more churches & 15 HIV/AIDS centers, caring for over 500 orphans/vulnerable children. Now the care-givers were needing a well, so they could grow vegetables, to feed the orphans.
We also knew Venda, from all the stories told by Glenda’s Dad, Vernon Pettenger, who lived in Venda, 84 years ago, as a missionary kid with his parents. For Glenda, it was a special week, because 2 miles away, in the same valley, was the abandoned mission house, where her Dad had lived.
5 Hours after the rig started drilling, water gushed out of the ground, 3 stories high!
You just HAD to be there to see how excited Steve got!

This was our 1st time to actually be on site, when the drilling rig hit water. YES, Steve danced in Africa!! Steve hugged the local care-givers. He called friends from his cell.

Steve & missionary/builder, Charles Hasselbring thanked Jesus for the water! The village people came to see the action. Many hands helped to to lift up the water tower.

School supplies & food were given to the children. BGMC buckets were
filled with food for the care-givers. Pastor Jeremiah enjoyed tasting the clean water from the well.

A night service was held under the new church structure, to celebrate the new well & to tell people about Jesus, the Lving Water. Even the men from the drilling company & the chief's son attended the service. In ONE week, a difference was made in ONE village... a church steel structure was built, a well was dug & widows & orphans were cared for. To those supporting The Africa Oasis Project, you too helped us make a difference!!

At the end of an incredible day, water could be seen coming from the drilling rig & flowing down the hill. Yes, it was worth the wait! There were streams of Running & Living water for ALL to Drink!!