Saturday, May 01, 2010

"Bad Water" becomes "Jesus Water"

The northwest region of Kenya, Turkana, is known for the extremely dry terrain & the brightly beaded women...

These women spend most of their day, walking many hours to find water for their families. In some places of Turkana it has not rained for 5 years. One village was getting their meager water supply from a river, but the water was bitter & polluted. The people called the village Lochoromoit, which means "the place where I met my enemy," because it was a place of "bad water." Africa Oasis funded the drilling of a well in Lochoromoit, where they hit an abundant supply of water.

Steve visited Lochoromoit the day after the pump was installed on the new well by the church. He traveled there with missionaries for 2 full days on rough, dusty roads.

The first person to greet them was a very joyful pastor. The people of his village were gathered around the well, pumping water. Yellow water containers were everywhere, waiting to be filled.

"We are no longer calling this village Lochoromoit, the place of bad water," said the pastor. "It is now called Lochoro-Yesu, the place of Jesus-water!" Once again, donors giving to AOP have helped impact an entire village in Africa!

And the brightly beaded women of "Lochoro-Yesu" are rejoicing to have the well by the church, right in the middle of their village!