Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Water In the Desert - One Phone Call Away

One phone call was made from a drought stricken village in Northwest Kenya. The need was expressed. Funds were gathered from undesignated offerings sent in monthly by friends & churches. The well was drilled beside the church. Now the entire village comes to church daily to get clean water.

If you could catch a tiny glimpse of the dusty kids in the village of Tiya, in NW Kenya… If your feet could walk on the dry crusty land that had no rain for over 3 years… If you could grasp the reality of how far the people have to walk through the hot desert to get water… You would begin to see what Steve saw when he arrived in the village of Tiya & why he made the phone call.

It took 2 days of driving on rough dirt roads to reach Tiya from Nairobi. AOP was doing water projects in the region. Steve, with the Kenya missionaries & National Church leaders went to see the completion of the wells. Tiya was not on the list to get a well, but concern was expressed about going to view the situation in Tiya & word was sent to the pastor that the church leaders were coming to visit him.

The pastor was not in Tiya when Steve & the group arrived at noon. The village explained that he left at dawn, on his bicycle, to collect water for his family from the nearest river. His wife, too weak from delivering their 3rd child, was not able to make the long journey. Steve describes how he saw the pastor coming into the village, sweating from the long journey & pushing his bicycle with the heavy containers of water strapped to both sides. Watching this touching scene, Steve decided that funds just had to be transferred to Kenya to pay for one more well. Steve called the Africa Office in Springfield & was told enough offerings had come in that month to total the amount needed to drill the well in Tiya.

The miracles of water coming to Tiya are amazing. Steve was able to call from a desert place in Africa. Funds were available in the USA from donors. The drilling rig was in the area & could drill immediately. Enough water was found to provide for the entire village. The well & pump was installed right beside the church. The pastor has people coming to the church everyday for… CLEAN & LIVING WATER!!!!

Isaiah 41:17 & 18 reminds us of the Tiya Water Miracle in the desert…

"The poor & needy search for water, & there is none.
But I, the Lord will answer them.
I will open rivers for them & fill the desert with water"